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About Anping: Wire Mesh Land of China

Anping of Hebei Province, in North China, is the famous Wire Mesh Land of China.
Hebei Province Anping County is named the Hometown of Wire Mesh and China Wire Mesh Production Base Area by China Hardware Association due to its long history and its great influence in this field.

Anping enjoys long history in wire mesh making and big production capacity. Anping has a history of over 500 years in wire mesh production. It has now over 10,000 enterprises and more than 120,000 people involved in production and business of wire mesh now. The product develops into 8 series, over 600 varieties and 6000 specifications, widely used in industry, agriculture and scientific research and other fields. Sales offices of Anping Wire Mesh are spread over 600 cities of the whole country. Anping wire mesh products have been exporting to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. The output and export volume of Anping account for 80% of that of China.

The biggest wire mesh wholesale market of China is in Anping.
Anping Wire Mesh World is the local big specialized wire mesh wholesale market approved by China State Development Planning Commission. This wholesale market covers an area of 600 mu and has a building area of 160,000 square meters. Over 1000 companies are now having offices in the market. Now Anping Wire Mesh World has become the top wire mesh product distribution center in China.

Add: No.123 West Weimin Road, Anping, Hebei, China

Tel/fax: 0086 318 7809119

URL: https://www.wovenwire.net

Email: sales@wovenwire.net


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